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PrevX Home keeps you protected from all threats of the Net
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Using a simple Internet connection, PrevX Home is able to keep you protected and prevented from all threats of the Net in the form of spyware and other malicious material that is poured on your computer without your consent. The program does not interfere in any way nor involve any inconvenience to you, and works continuously in the background consuming minimum resources of your Internet connection.

As we have said, the value of PrevX Home is not committed to eliminating spyware from your computer, but it works to prevent and avoid unwanted software to come into your computer. As its own name suggests, its use is geared specifically to the domestic sphere, therefore the creators have placed special emphasis on simplicity of management and did not over-complicate the program options.

Prevx Home 2.0 is a security computer program that furnishes strong anti-malware protection and can work together with all major security products.
Your existing security will be improved as Prevx2.0 offers protection against the most recent Malwares, i.e. Spywares, Trojans, Viruses, Adware, Rootkits, Bots, and Password Thieves.

Its community approach will furnish your PC with the latest information about malware. If a malicious file is about to attack your machine, Prevx 2 will automatically block it from harming you. If you see a particular malicious file and are the first person to witness it, then the program will deploy all its defence forces to infer and intercept the file, before its harm gets to you.

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